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Maastricht - Netherlands

Red bell tower of St. John’s (St. Jan) church in Maastricht

Maastricht is located on both sides of the Meuse river is one of the oldest cities in Netherlands. Pedestrian only strolling through the historic inner city. Churches, city walls, monumental merchant houses and big squares merge seamlessly with a comprehensive and varied range of shops. And the best thing is that you can see the entire city centre on foot. The stand out of Maastricht is the Red bell tower of St. Jan church, you really can't miss it, because it dominates the city. Not only because of it's height, but also it's bright red colour. Legends have it that the tower was painted red with bulls blood. It was built in the 12th century and has been a protestant church from teh 17th century. If you think the tower looks familiar, you could be right. It's resembled the Dom Tower in Utrecht. You can take a look inside or even climb the 43 meters high tower for a small fee of 2 Euros. Maastricht is also a city of shopping indulgence.

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