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Wee has eaten at the world's finest restaurants, but with a huge passion for gastronomy , nothing excites him more than discovering a hidden gem, a place that's doing everything right, but not getting the recognition it deserves.

 Me at Grand Canyon 2013
Name: Mak Sin Wee   Age: 31
Serial photo archiver, passionate gastronomist, dyslexic writer (do excuse my spelling or missing words) and sun chasing adventure.

Born and raised in Brunei, moved to Singapore at 17 and got hooked on clocking mileage since 20. I travel because I'm curious. I'm curious because I want to understand. I want to understand so I can learn. I am not a slave of the ordinary. I'm a boy with a dream and I'm just beginning to test the limits of that dream.

I have read and googled many travel sites. Most sites are focus on writings instead of the visual aspects. So I decided to start a photo journal  where I can archive my travel and gastronomy photos.

As a visual learner, I rely a lot of my eyes to observes and make sense right away.

These days, I am considered a travelprenuer  = Traveler + Entrepreneur. As I recalled, I embarked on my first solo trip at 20. I booked a ticket out to Europe and the rest is history. I am now constantly flying, taking timelapse videos, pictures and explore new destination, wine, people, cuisine and beer.

I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and food pictures, especially fine dining menu where most sites lack pictures of the actual food served. Found it a little hassle to browse pictures on tripadvisor.

My blog is purely to archive my travel and food journey with photos and less writing. I would raise my concern for sure if the restaurant is appalling, other than that I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Fortunately for me, my business allows me to make travel plans as and when I want.  I work best on a plane and these days they have wifi on board. I knew somehow if I don't put effort to make it happen, things will never happen for me, yes there are lot of sacrifices and especially uncertainty but thats what makes me feel alive. As they say, nothing worth doing ever comes easy.

What I learn from my dad is, either I grow a  business revolved around my lifestyle choices or join the cycle of a mundane typical 9 to 5 job.

Latest venture is an e-commerce site
Singapore's Premier Online Fashion Jewelry Website
As a buyer for an e-commerce site, I now only enjoy shopping at Outlets store.

I would like to thank my family for their unconditional supports to make this dream possible.

Enjoy the blog!

Mak Sin Wee

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 Las Vegas Baby!
Business Profile:

MakSin Wee, Buyer at MSW GLOBAL GROUP
is excited by objects of uncommon unique finds, well-versed in perfecting and understanding Asian markets preference and elevates brands he discover and allure his clienteles.
Fascination with world culture, art decor furnishing and food varieties, frequently jetsets around the world and emerged himself in the destination he picked.
Appreciates wines from Burgundy and Provence region of France.
His possible next venture could just be wine distribution.

All images and texts are © and must not be used without permission. Should you wish to use any of my images and articles, please write in to for loading fees and rates.

Twitter: @msw
Author Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 3:38 PM Rating: 5 Wee has eaten at the world's finest restaurants, but with a huge passion for gastronomy , nothing excites him more than discovering a ...