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Best way to Seoul from Incheon Airport

Airport Limousine Bus
Reclining Seats
Purchase bus tickets here (Visa/Mastercard Accepted here)
Bus Tickets to Seoul Myeongdong
The most convenient and cheap way to reach Seoul from Incheon is by Airport Limo Bus.
These airport to city commute is way super easy to use compare to A'rex Express Train.
Its 15,000 Korean Won per person.

The Incheon Airport bus stops are just outside the arrival hall. 
There are many buses route to many parts of Seoul!
They go to most, major hotels in Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and even Gangnam.
If you don't stay in those major hotels, fret not, just use the major hotels as point of drop off.
If you stay in an apartment next to Landmark Hotel, just buy the bus ticket to Landmark Hotel bus stops, walk to your apartment from there.

Total journey is 45mins to 1 hour!

I prefer taking Airport Limo Bus, there is a bus stops in front of my apartment in Seoul.
I have multiple luggages that can load up the bus and unload at destination without having to drag up and down the escalators within the train station (South Korea metro are usually very deep and half escalators, half staircases)

For returning back to airport, remember your bus number and find the bus stop's opposite directions and pay the bus driver exact amount! Please note all airport bus accepts T-money card now!
14,000 won per person on T-money Card.

Pictures by MSW
Best way to Seoul from Incheon Airport Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 1:40 AM Rating: 5 Airport Limousine Bus Reclining Seats Purchase bus tickets here (Visa/Mastercard Accepted here) Bus Tickets to Seoul Myeongd...


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