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Roussillon - France


The sand is of special quality with a high quantity of iron oxide which gives the yellow, orange, ochre color to the sand

Ochre everywhere

Cypress Tree everywhere
Le Sentier des Ocres

Sun Dial

How to use the pigment/ochre

Le Sentier des Ocres means the Ochre path is almost an anomaly in the Roussillon region. The unique bright color of its sand not only gives it its name, make sure not to go wearing anything that you wouldn’t want ruined or stained. Below the quarry and all through the town one can purchase powdered paint pigments from the area that may be of interest for hobby painters. Another issue that you may have with visiting the Ochre Path, especially during peak season, is accessing the tiny village of Roussillon and parking your car. You will not be the only one, and make sure to carefully read the rules, if any, of your parking spot before leaving your car. Entrance fee is 12 euros/person. Once you pass the entrance, the Path itself is well defined, but don’t rush: it is steep and slippery, remember, it’s sand. But the visit of the small canyon is very resourcing, and it will take you at minimum an hour to get down, around, and back up.

Even famous painter like Vincent van Gogh sourced his pigment here.

Travel tips, bring an empty small bottle to collect some ochre for yourself, save your some money buying souvenirs.
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