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Ginza Sushi Ichi - Singapore

Amuse Bouche


Upclose of the Sea Urchin

Omakase Menu at Sushi Ichi is just impeccable, however it comes with a heavy price tag.
This is a wonderful restaurant to enjoy good sushi. The restaurant has two ten seaters sushi counters; each counter is man by an experienced Japanese Sushi chef. Once seated the waiter wastes no time, quickly asked if we have any dietary restrictions and completed our order. The chef immediately introduce himself and will be pacing our Omakase course, watching him performing the art of sushi making is a real treat. The fishes could not get any fresher. Sushi is prepared exquisitely and in perfect bite sized pieces. Great ambiance in the restaurant . Unlike most sushi restaurants, the Sushi Chef dictates whether soy sauce and wasabi were provided to compliment certain fishes through out the courses. Mainly because the Chef would like to ensure that you experience the right mix of flavor for the sushi. I adores wasabi so I had to request a number of times which the Sushi Chef reluctantly prepare for me in order to appease me. A very pleasant dinning experience. 

Ginza Sushi Ichi (Scotts Square)

Pictures by MSW

Ginza Sushi Ichi - Singapore Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 11:19 AM Rating: 5 Amuse Bouche Uni Upclose of the Sea Urchin Omakase Me...

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