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Loncin Restaurant - Antwerpen

Dining area of Loncin Restaurant

Old School menu

Crackers and Capers Berries

Champagne Aperitif

Loncin Bottled Water

Amuse Bouches


La Clape Coteaux Du Languedoc 2007

White asparagus with grey shrimps

Carafe Water

Main Star for tonight - Lobster

His duty to catch some lobster


Grilled Lobster with Samphire

Brown Rice on the side

Lobster Bellevue - (Lobster Beautiful View)

Sweets and Biscuits

2x Mas du Soleilla

Open Kitchen
Revisited the restaurant just for a lobsters soirée! Well they had a promotion going on with the wild lobsters, so we kinda feel obligated to dine here since its such a good deal. The restaurant is pretty much old school French cuisine, making ordinary fresh ingredients shine on its own. All table's cloth are iron crisp, heavy cutlery, you know the drill.

Highlight would be my grilled lobster with sea samphire greens was good. At Loncin, lobster dishes are only available during summer. Unfortunately, I am too full from my past visits which I had the full course including cheese course and desserts. I wanted to end the dinner without loosening my belt this time round.

Pictures by MSW

Loncin Restaurant - Antwerpen Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 11:08 AM Rating: 5 Dining area of Loncin Restaurant Old School menu Crackers and Capers Berries Champagne Aperitif Loncin Bottled Water ...


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