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Orchid Club Lounge Cocktail Hour - Park Royal Pickering Hotel - Singapore

The Communal Table
The dividers cabinet and low seating furnitures
Orchid Club lounge

Prime example of the low furniture...
Selection of food
Eggs' Night
60 degree egg with red wine jus with croutons
Deep fried snacks
Fromages or Cheeses
National Day Parade!
Cocktails available
Peking Duck Wrap's Night
Salad bar

 Beef Bolognese Pasta Night
Beef Bolognese penne pasta with Parmesan shavings

Cheese Cake

Fruits platter

Marbled cheese cake

More pasta to accompany my wine

Wine options

Red wine
White Wine
Other alcoholic beverages with the Singapore city view
I happened to stay with Park Royal Pickering twice this year! Both experience were totally different!
My first stay with the hotel was pleasant and the second time was different story. Probably the hotel gotten popular and lost its quality of service! 
 Here is my review of the Orchid Club Lounge!
Upon arrival, tall ceiling, wide table anchored the hall of the lounge, Yes its quite a spacious one! 
However with popularity among travelers, the lounge is packed as ever, once you pass the 6 o'clock. 
Majority of the furniture at the lounge are very low, almost borderline uncomfortable!
The lounge only stands out for its inhouse chef, preparing the dish of the day. One of the best I tried was the 60 degree egg with red wine and mushroom reduction sauce, top with croutons. If I am not wrong, its usually on Saturday! While the peking duck wrap is usually serve on Friday (I can't recall to be honest!) Some days, the desserts are yummy, the potatoes salads or thai salads are good bite! The rest of the dip selections are mediocre, store bought products  example like guacamole or hummus!
The funny thing about the cocktail hour, they do not have a cocktail menu!
So I have to guess and pick what I want! I order different drink every order so you can see in the pictures above! They have white wine, margarita (too sweet), gin tonic, red wine, beer, bourbon coke, Singapore Sling (too sweet) and oh if you are lucky, they might have prosecco! They also run out of it! If prosecco/sparkling wine is popular with your guest, isn't it common sense to stock up more?
Overall, the hotel is practically good for its convenient location and swanky new rooms with the view of the lion city! (Not all the room have bath tub!)
My advise is to get there early, to get your preferred seat, 6pm to 8pm is the lounge cocktail hours! 
Which hotel lounge is better? Of course Marina Bay Sands! Even the view is better!

Pictures by MSW

Orchid Club Lounge Cocktail Hour - Park Royal Pickering Hotel - Singapore Reviewed by Ah Wee on 10:46 AM Rating: 5

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