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The Loft Brussels Airlines Business Lounge - Brussels

The newly renovated The Loft, Brussels Airlines Business Lounge
This way up

Eligible Participating Airlines


Wifi Password

Magazines and Newspapers  corner, Lockers
Self service coffee station

Found myself a private sofa (No sockets here)

Self Service Bar

Wine and Spirits

Freeflow self tap Belgium Beer, Leffe Blonde

Leffe Blonde Beef with a view of planes docking

Food Selection

Warm quiche and puff pastry with Cava

Warm Quiche and Tarts

Business Centre with Skype phone booth

Skype Phone Booth

Skype Booth for privacy

tiny little phone booth for skype-ing privacy

Another Coffee Station

Very Crowded

Bar seats are less favorable with many

iPad Coca-cola dispenser!

Peak hours
Ham and Cheese pastry

Spacious Lounge
Towel Counter

Shower Facilities


Cubicles to sleep

Full length bed to take a quick siesta

Blankets and pillow provided

Sofa seats section with sockets

Leather Chair section

The Loft Business Lounge by Brussels Airlines was newly opened to public last November 2014. It had finally discard the very minimal temporary lounge at the airport ground floor see here. This new lounge is futuristic, well equipped and good atmosphere. I like bright lounge, but I must say their food selection is very minimal or edible sort. 

The highlight of this lounge is the self service freeflow Belgian Beer, Wine and Sparkling section and Liquor. It also boast a Skype Phone booth to do skype calls with privacy, however its kinda uncomfortable to seat in the small little blue stool. Awesome napboxes to take a quick siesta before your flight, very beneficial if you have a long lay over.

This lounge is for domestic flights within EU.

Pictures by MSW

The Loft Brussels Airlines Business Lounge - Brussels Reviewed by Ah Wee on 4:25 AM Rating: 5

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  1. Looks comfortable. What's the prices ? Ah, and i want to ask you question about transfer from airport to Brussels, what's the best way for it ? Pre-ordered taxi such as or public transport?


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