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Basilica Sant' Ambrogio - Milan, Italy

One of the oldest churches in town, built by St Ambrose, now the patron saint of the city, around 379. It was built alongside three other churches as an anti Arian and pro Nicene stronghold. In the centuries after its construction, the building underwent several restorations and partial reconstructions, assuming the current appearance at the end of the 11th Century, when it was rebuilt in the Romanesque style. One particular thing, and quite rare both in Italy and around the world, is the entrance portico which was used as a a space to attend mass for those who awaited to be baptized. Another interesting thing is that the church presents two towers, the Tower of the Monks on the right was built in the 9th century while the left one in the 12th century. Once inside it was nice to see all the very interesting parts dating from different centuries, such as the splendid Pulpit built in the 9th century: it has some beautiful decorations and covers a much older sarcophagus known as the Sarcophagus of Stilicho, the roman general, built in the 4th century. Then on the main altar is the 9th century Ciborium covering the beautiful gold and silver Carolingian altar. Above it is the mosaic representing Chirst, made between the 4th and 8th centuries but partly ruined by a bomb during WWII. Below the main altar is the crypt also built in the 9th century, which holds the remains of St Ambrose and Gervasus and Protasus. The main thing of the church though is the Sacellum or Chapel of St Victor, which requires an entrance fee, and presents a beautiful mosaic of the 4th century with one of the earliest depictions of St Ambrose, very realistic.Extremely interesting to visit an early Christian church built in austere Roman style. Comparing with the later building lofty standards this church may appear modest still I think it's closer to the ideas of biblical simplicity. It's the only church visited so far wherein I could see a melange of old pagan, aryan symbols like swastika mingled with Christian symbolism hence suggesting the transition to later stage. Must visit. Please read of St Ambrose and St Augustine before visiting.Very nice place. The history and architecture is well preserved so props to the Italian officials for that. It's a nice spot to take some photos, and understand some more about Italian History. I would like to go and see it again if I am every in the area some time in the future, and would recommend families, couples and singles to visit and take some good photos!
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