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Bled Castle - Lake Bled, Slovenia

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the Slovenian crest!
Bled Castle square
Forger Atelier
Mint a castle coin
Bled Castle Restaurant with a view
Bled Castle Restaurant Outdoor Terrace

Beautiful View of Lake Bled
Church of the Assumption of Maria, summer 2016

Back view of the bled castle
medieval toilet

Perched atop a steep cliff rising 130 metres above the glacial Lake Bled is Bled Castle. The image of the castle forming a dramatic backdrop to the romantic island and the church on it has earned the resort worldwide recognition through the centuries. Castle terraces offer spectacular views of the lake and the island, down the Dežela area with Lesce and Radovljica and over to the mountain ranges of the Karavanke and the Julian Alps. It has been over a thousand years since on 10 April 1004 the German King Henry II conferred the estate of Bled located in the province called in Carniola on Bishop Albuin of Brixen and his church. In 1011 Henry II awarded Albuin's successor, Adalberon, the castle on the cliff in a charter in which the castle was first explicitly mentioned. The Bled Castle was the administrative seat of the Brixen estate in the Gorenjsko region. Medieval documents refer to Bled with its German name Veldes. In terms of written documents, Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia. Castle buildings are arranged around the lower and upper courtyards.

There are some activities like minting bled coins, old school Gutenberg printing of certificates, a cafe to try bled cake! Within Bled castle there is a well, a chapel, a wine cellar and a museum.
Most of people come here for the vantage point, to see Church of the Assumption of Maria right in the middle of the lake.

You will probably spend 2 hours here. 
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