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Tsukumo Tonkotsuramen - Tokyo, Japan

Tsukumo Tonkotsuramen with grated parmesan
Tsukumo Tonkotsuramen Ebisu Outlet

One of the cheesy-iest ramen I ever had, a pile of parmersan on top of your bowl of pork ramen.
I personally its a disgusting combination at first. It turns out to be quite interesting acquired taste.
It resemble having spaghetti with parmesan shaving on top. If you enjoy Italian cuisine, you won't like this pairing. Its an acquire taste and the person must love ramen and parmesan cheese.

The ramen shop is 8 mins walking distance from Ebisu Station. 
I tried anything once but sadly I didn't appreciate it that much! But its instagram-worthy!

Good tip: Go between 3:30pm and 5pm, complimentary egg and spring onion at no additional cost.

Pictures by MSW
Tsukumo Tonkotsuramen - Tokyo, Japan Reviewed by Ah Wee on 3:56 AM Rating: 5

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