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Higashiyama Higashi Chaya District - Kanazawa, Japan

Higashi Chaya District
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Chaya is a traditional place of feasts and entertainment, where geisha have been entertaining people by performing dances and playing Japanese traditional musical instruments since the Edo period. The central part of Kanazawa was dotted with a number of chaya tea houses in the past. These chaya tea houses were moved into four districts distant from the central part in 1820. The largest one of the chaya districts in Kanazawa is the Higashi Chaya district. 

 It takes three minutes on foot to the bank of the Asano River from the Higashi Chaya district. The Higashi Chaya district and Asano river area are places where you can enjoy strolling and become acquainted with Japanese history and culture.

Today there so much commercialized shop within the tradtional tea house, omiyage, cafe, sake bar and restaurant.

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