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Nara Deer Park - Japan

Deer Cracker Seller
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Nara Deer Selfie
Deer Selfie
Found this vegetable from deer crackers merchant

Nara park is home to thousands of free roaming wild deer. Considered in Shinto to be messengers of the gods, Nara's nearly 1200 deers have become a symbol of the city and have even been designated as a natural treasure. Nara's deer are surprisingly tame, although they can be aggressive if they think you will feed them. Deer crackers are for sale around the park, and some deer have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed. Nara Park is not so much a sight by itself, but an area that contains many other important sights, including Todai-ji Temple, Isui-en Garden, Kofukuji Temple and Kasuga-Taisha Shrine.

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