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Pula - Istria, Croatia

Pula Arena (Colosseum of Croatia)
most well preserved Roman Amphitheatre
The Pula Arena is the name of the amphitheatre located in Pula, Croatia. The Arena is the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved.
Porta Gemina (Twin Gates)
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Triumphal Arch of Sergi / Golden Gate
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grapes and winged victories on the inner façade
Arch of the Sergii is an Ancient Roman triumphal arch located in Pula, Croatia. The arch commemorates three brothers of the Sergii family
The Forum (Town Square)
Temple of Augustus
Free Entrance Temple of Augustus
Inside is free mini museum
The Temple of Augustus is a well-preserved Roman temple in the city of Pula, Croatia. Dedicated to the first Roman emperor, Augustus, it was probably built during the emperor's lifetime at some point between 2 BC and his death in AD 14.

The most famous sight here is the Roman amphitheatre, which is called The Pula Arena. Built during the 1st century AD and completed under the reign of Emperor Flavius, this amphitheatre is the sixth largest in the world. The ancient structure can host up to 23,000 spectators in Roman times. The second of the Roman site stands at the south-east entrance to the town centre. The Arch of the Sergii, or Golden Gate, was built in 30 BC. Its most notable aspects are the reliefs of grapes and winged victories on the inner façade. Passing through the arch and leads to the centre of Pula, the Roman Forum, Temple of Augustus and nearby mosaic. The Roman Forum, still the main square
 today lined with cafés, the Town Hall, tourist office with the Temple of Augustus standing out as an ancient building compare to its surrounding.

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