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Le Petit Nice Passedat Restaurant - Marseille, France

Le Petit Nice Passedat Restaurant

Local fisherman delivery

Holding a courgette flower is cool for Gerald Passedat

Terrarium at every table

Aperitif Champagne by J.L.Vergnon for Gerald Passedat

Deep fried sea wolf
Avant - Gout (Before taste)
Squid Ceviche
Upclose of the Squid Ceviche
Deep fried sea wolf with bitter herb sauce
Reading wine carte
Seaweed bread stood out (hint of salty)
Domaine Gavoty 2011
3rd Amuse Bouche
Razor Clams with (scent of sea water and fresh seaweed)
Candied Bonito,  Bonito Skin Crackling and a dot of fish sauce caramel
Pelamide a la tranche en crue, ecorces de bergamote
Tuna Sashimi and Bonito drizzle with lemon hinted oil
Deep fried beignets with dipping sauce
Gerald Passedat Signature dish
Upclose of Denti Lucie Passedat
Paying homage to Gerald's Grandmother Recipe
Steamed seabass, covered with cucumber and courgette stripe, accompanied by a sauce mixing olive oil, basil, coriander, tomato and a touch of truffle on top.
Love this rib cage cover
Mushroom Bouillon
Sole Grillee au suc de fenouil sauvage
Anemones de mer en beignet leger et onctueux iode
Caviar on top of chlorophyll juice
Upclose of the caviar
Anemone inside the beignet
Bouillon de roche, poisson et pommes de terre  safranees
Les fromages affines de Philippe Olivier
Trying to be funy LOL
Super Aged Cheese
Aged Roquefort and normal roquefort
L'avant douceur (Soft front)
Earl Grey Ice Cream
Chrysalide de caramel au chocolat
Taragon sorbet
Petit V
Its my first time having Anemone, a sea coral. Well lets just say acquired taste.
I love the dinner flow, first time eating Pelamide (a type of Tuna's cousin) 
The highlight was Denti Lucie Passedat seabass and 
their cheese wheel is just unbelievably well curated.

 Overall, great flow of the courses and value for money.

Pictures by MSW
Le Petit Nice Passedat Restaurant - Marseille, France Reviewed by Ah Wee on 11:13 AM Rating: 5

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