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i know i know we have seen many FBI CSI CRIMINAL MINDS BLAH BLAH BLAH~~
this time its the CRISIS NEGOTIATION UNIT!!
well all they do is NEGOTIATE and no one gets hurt!
on the exact 12 episodes of its 1st season
YET again!!! SIKAPO is mentioned..
and guess who show up for this episode..
SIKAPO-LANG the china lady as MAID in desperate housewives
now she act as muslim terrorist in sikapo and shippin her son to the states...
overall!! the shows just passed the border line of excitement~
LASTly ROSEMARIE DeWITT the chick on the right..
she is hot!! and the other intelligent geek also...
RAQUEL ALISSI = HOT! she played the younger version of EVA MENDES in movie GHOST RIDER!!
STANDOFF!! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 8:31 AM Rating: 5

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