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"Victoria Beckham: Coming to America"

Hey, have you heard? The Beckhams are in America! Aside from the possibility of a sudden, overwhelming interest in Major League Soccer, this move also means the debut of NBC's "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America," The initial idea was for this to be a six-episode reality show, but it's been downsized to this one-hour special — for the moment!!
anyway. i watched the whole show liao~~ a bit like SIMPLE LIFE...
very paris hilton marketing style..
Paris fav quote is Tats Hot..
Victoria fav quote is tats MAJOR...
everything she sees or like "taTs MAJOR!!!!"

The show was supposed to be the Beckhams family moves...
due to restrictions of shooting and busy schedule of david blah blah blah...
end up only VICTORIA alone...
the show never show her childrens.....

Overall, a good dose of RICH crap....
and i love what she answered
which celebs u hate most?
imediately she answed EDDIE MURPHY..
who knocked up MEL B mah~~

She choose the house previously lionel richie lived and where Spiderman is their neighbours..
wahahha tobey mcguire...for the sake of her childrens

NBC has put a bunch of preview clips online already, or you can watch two commercials for the show if you

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