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Harry Potter!

I hate MOVIEs.. they make me FAT...
i alwez single out all the snacks down to NACHOS...
yesterday my bro and i have 2 servings of sweet corns..
Harry Potter 4 is watchable...
reasonably well done...
i love this 4th movie the most just like Emma Watson said...
coz its simple and easy to swallow.
the Sequence of the Story Lines...
1st, skool took over by the ministry
2nd, dumbledore and harry "scape goat"
3rd, more and more rules added to the skool walls
4th, Room of requirement is COOL.
5th, harry gets the Voldemort vision
6th, save mr.weasley
7th, mislead harry to find prohecy
8th, Good fight between Dumbledore and Voldermort
Cho chang english very Chinese oh~~
anyway she didnt talk much in the movie what a pity!
guess her english accent not good enuff..
but 1st time in history.. HARRY POTTER KISS on SCREEN
i TOT N16... means no kissing movie...
for the kids...
what a good summer ending~
seriously the ang moh are really getting OLD ler...
their jawlines were bold, we can see they were WORK OUT conditions
meanning they are million dollar shape.. not even normal...
then Neville longbottom is slim lor.. the fake bulge stomach so obvious...

OVerall Good Fight.. i love the water sphere effect.. super cool~~

p.s. the almost cast for "cho chang" SCHYIME above was spotted at the Gala Premier..
she was in the top 3 list when Katie Leung in the end snatch the spot...
or else u would be seeing her smooching daniel ratd
Harry Potter! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 12:58 AM Rating: 5

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