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GET fat!!!! Ma Maison!!

Im truly HONOUR that there are friends WHO actually READ my blog...
o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ther than My Dearest FAN!! ah chyi~!!
i was SUPER in shocked... coz normally ppl just browse thru d PHOTO and move on...
I would Like to THANK those who follow my Wacky Entry!!
especially to ah chyi and danielle...
i hope my brain's output may come in handy for any of u to start a conversations.


kcy and i had a candle light dinner semalam... *LOMANTIKA* chyi don Jealous..
the candle is the one for heating up makanan di BUFFET spread..
and its $SGD 9.90 for 100 candles atu!!!
i would say the dinner at MA MAISON was DIRRRTTTYYY bcoz u tengok la..

This is the Squid Ink Spaghetti a fren recommend...
kcy and i decided to take a risk on this pile of DIRT

the verdict... the smelll MACAM Chao Kway Teo....
its so BLACK... eeeee but it taste GOOD.....
ESP when i pick the noodle up with my chopstick..
the chopstick look like kena black ink from chinese caligraphy lor....
and even on the lips kena black.... so its really an exciting Makanan!!
ah CHYI don worry i will include this in ur FENG SHUI ISLAND TOUR...

my standard TONKATSU DON!!! 19.90with dessert... black sesame ice cream
Pork Chop Rice... I LOVE IT

This one i never seen b4 in the Central Outlet's Menu
its SCOTCH EGGs.... taste NORMAL..
minced Beef and tepung coated the TELUR

Caesar Salad was ordinary sadly kcy was so hungry she dug in ..
and we forgot to take pic for our blog..

ps. remember the entry that ppl associate me with BASKETBALL...
last night the butch *who flirt with me* work at the BUGIS outlet we DINE in...

also kcy reminded me that **one side of my TURQUOISE LENSE was recovered in BUMIPUTRI text book!** wahahhahaa this MEmorable Incident that took place in high skool which had long gone in my history folder... BUT now its So FUNNY to be able to remember it..
Thanks for reminding me...... we even remember the COLOR of the lense... so KEK TIO!!
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