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My Basic tools...

The Diet Program last for 8 weeks.
Estimated amount of weight to be cut off is 25kgs or more..

Hit the Gym at least 3 days a week.
1hr of cardio and 1hr weight lifting.
Main source of protein is Tuna, Chick Breast.
Main source of vege is brocoli, tomato and apple.
Main source of liquid is PURE WATER. lots of water.

No fried, No liquid with sucrose "artificial sugar" found in Sunkist, Carbonated drinks.
basically for ppl who instantly need to get back in shape....

the catalyst of this program is Clenbuterol Pill
commonly use by atheletes and Hollywood Stars to get back in shape..
which will be taken daily to assist faster fat burning process.
average of weight lost between male and female are different.
Male loose around 4 to 6kg a week.
Female loose around 5 to 8kg a week.

All result may varies on sizes and BMI.

the side effect are:
Muscular tremors (especially hand shakes)
Muscular cramps
Increased appetite
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Possible cardiac hypertrophy as clen also targets cardiac and smooth muscle fibres Heart muscle necrosis has been demonstrated in animal studies.

i never kena b4 except Muscular Tremor, Cramps and Increased appetite.
well great results comes with great risk.
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