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Hoggie's Breath~ stinks now!!

The pink pig is familiar with aussie ppl coz the restaurant originate from Australia.. today i went to the vivocity branch!

their restoran look LOK KOK style...

i juz realize they had a challenge ler...where u can eat the 1kg steaks for free on the pics...conditions are 4 diners, ordered a meal each and must finish the 1 kg & sides within 1 occur to me that i once ate fratini pizza 7 out of 8 with white chick....ah chyi when we one group in SG go there and challenge them... i also don know how it works... but the conditions bu qing bu chu... whahahahaha

- Buffalo wings-
erm more like bbq sos chicken wing.... remind me of pizzza hut.. YUCk

-Texas Max -
the hog's tail fries and chicken wrapped spring rolls with cheese cajun sos and prime beef lor...

- Avocado Sos Prime beef-
yeah my bro had this... cost $35 bucks... wahahahhaa dig it... lol.... i love the SUNDAE look mashed potato...
taste amazing too~~
we didnt have dessert coz weather recently is WET WET WET....
been wet for quite few days... their air con were cold.. their desserts also not that fancy!!

Overall the standards have drop tremendously when i ate last year.. at holland village...
may be its my anticipation let me down... the more i expect from it.. the easier i get disappointed.... hai~~ i expect too much from my life sometimes

hehe i clear the plate like a soldier at war..
my bro and i were quite excited about the challenge but then when we were served.. gosh we couldnt even thot of eating the 1kg prime beef liao... so full....

Courtesy of MOM

p.s. ah chyi R u up for the challenge??
Hoggie's Breath~ stinks now!! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 4:58 AM Rating: 5

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