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i am pushing it.... my limit...

i wasnt sure where the hell... all my toothpaste went..but i was very sure that i had stocks of colgate or darlie watever it is... it was the 5th day when my toothpaste run out... I KNOW WHAT YA THINKING ... u tot i didnt brush for 5 days.. HELL YEAH...

i DID brushed with mini toothpaste from hotels and aeroplane i collected during holidays...(sure come in handy) however all ran out on the 5th day~~~
Ya crap right.. exam week where got time go sundry shoppin...

Last resort, i open my FRIDGE this morning... to find that i still have left over MINT jelly!! which i used for dipping my seared LAMB chop...whahahahahahahaahaha
surprisingly taste as good as colgate mint...
the MINT JELLY aka temporary toothpaste were amazing..
taste better.. and yum... TRY it...
desperado ler...
NO worries it is replaced liao.. went shoppin juz now...
Not only the Out of Toothpaste..

my iPod earphone went haywire... on the left side..
Supa KEk tio... for almost a week liao..
today i replaced it with Phillip Brand one..havent tested it
altho i crave the Bang and Olufsen steel ear piece... ermm... i love it... HINT HINT HINT... wahhahahaa

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