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The Girls Next Door
Hugh Hefner, the founder of playboy magazines and the infamous playboy mansion... where parties and hot topless bitches jammed packed the place...

Here E!entertainment. had the exclusive right to shoot the reality shows of the INSIGHT of the mansion and what Hef's GF do everyday!!!
Used to be 7 girlfriends! but downsized to 3 for now!! in WHITE is Holly, BABY BLUE is Bridget and PURPLE is Kendra...
My favourite is KENDRA... whahahahaha
The reality shows now have rolled up to Season 3 now...

They all crazily lived together in the mansion! all in the polygamus relationships...I loved watching their ODD relationships and its obvious that HOLLY is the 1st GF above the rest....
I wished i could do that too!!! when i am done with MSW!!

There are plenty of nudity in the shows... Not only this 3 gals but also a group of other playmates that lived across or beside the mansions.... LOL...

This is my latest craving... i only finished season 3... now i have to get my hands on the first and two seasons...
I will try to find out how does Hef maintains this group of gals and how are they paid and what are their duties and etc etc etc.... LOL
Just Curious...
p.s. the mansion is super messy with helpers, storeroom, the gals room, dogs everywhere.. offices and just FULL of MESS
PLAYBOY PLAYMATES! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 2:11 AM Rating: 5

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