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Montigo Resorts Nongsa - Batam, Indonesia

The Good side
Montigo Resorts Nongsa

Hotel Lobby - packed with people


Spa Villa - 2 Bedrooms and Pool

Spa Villa - 2 Bedrooms and Pool

Living Room

TV Area
Nintendo Wii in one of the Villa

Bring your own wine opener like I did

Kitchen Area

Master Bed Room

Soap and Shampoo

Toilet Amenities

Slippers, repellent and Laundry Bag

Spa Villa - 2 Bedrooms and Pool (Crap View)

Second Bedroom

Second Room Shower

Spa Villa - 2 Bedrooms and Pool
View of the dried beach

Top Deck
Complimentary Water Bottle provided

Coffee and Tea

Complimentary Soft Drinks

Cups and Mugs

Plates and Bowls

Kitchen Sink


Basic Kitchen Ware

Pot with lit and Pan
Useless and Mosquitoes friendly Spa Hut

Two bean bag
Mosquito infestation little lake (Avoid Spa Villa, the numbers are 105,106,107,108)

Rubbish floating

Spa Area

Low tide Beach

Incomplete project right beside my villa (eyesore)

Outdoor Beach Shower

Unkempt resorts ground

Seaview front

Expect lowtide (definitely not Santorini for sure)

Leaking Pool



Tiigo Bar

Main Swimming pool

Tiigo Bar

OLO Kid's Club



SGD16 Bike for rent
Tiigo bar turns into a night club

Montigo Resorts at night

Montigo Cabin Retail Shop

Dream Catcher

Ants infested Cake Lapis Display
Avoid Villa 108 - Murky Swimming Pool

Pathetic Beach
Umbrella provided at every villa

Dead lizard still not clean after turn down service
This resort is a project in progress, many incomplete areas on the ground. This resort's villa value would be SGD250 per night but they charge as high as SGD400 to SGD600 per villa.
At that price, mind as well top up a bit and stay in Sentosa because the time and money wasted on commute to get to the resort.
I would rephrase that this is not a villa, an expensive Chalet that you find in Changi Village (with an added a swimming pool).

The beach has low tide and doesn't appear until mid day and subside again.
They have Shuttle Bus daily to Nagoya Hill daily at 10 am and 4pm. Each person Rupiah 60,000 one way (SGD6 one way)
Take a cab (4pax) from Batam Centre to Montigo Resort is about SGD15 one way - 45 mins away from the Batam Centre/XXI Mega Mall.
Montigo Resort charges SGD20 one vehicle of 4 pax (one way) to go to Batam City Centre.
Attention to details is not there, they shouldn't boast they are a 5 stars resort.
Hotel grounds are really filthy with rubbish as seen on pictures.
There is not jetski or water activities as the resort beach always suffer from low tides.
Lizards and bugs are common side (you must be okay with this before you choose this resort)
Think about it, time to commute there is insane, 50 mins ferry ride, Singapore to Batam City, From Batam City another 45 mins cab ride to the resort. Total amount of time and money spent to get there isn't worth it. 2x when you return too.
The resort entrance was bizarrely narrow from the side.

Only book this resort with value of SGD350 maximum. Its not worth more than that.
Their breakfast had improved selections to buffet style (the food is still ordinary)
The Chalet is spacious especially the Masterbedroom.
The other room with single twin bed is just like small room in Singapore.
Restaurant Pantai or Tadd's are not exorbitantly price.
Family friendly, they have in-house OLO Kid's Club

Pictures by MSW

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