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No Reservations It is predictable but classy enough to be palatable !! reminds me of RAISING HELEN...
lost of parent the niece went to live with Catherine Z.J. blah blah not worth watching in cinema
I think i love my wife..... very predictable but chris rock have some good point of view ...Not worth watching in Cinema

Rush Hour 3.... SUPA predictable.... well its jackie chan signature movies style....
so boh pian.. LIVE WITH IT... not worth watching in CINEMA haha.. anyway i like the french part... seems hollywood is eyeing on french... the script really suxz tho.. what happent to the ambassador's daughter in the end... anyway why she cant speak CHINA is it...????
The Secrets...Worth a watch in cinema for its breakthrough plot, unconventional ending, some well executed special effects though it's not as high budget as Hollywood ones, and though there are still unanswered gaps. If you rate movies highly based on acting only, however, you may not enjoy it. Excess saccharine nearly killed it in the beginning. climax is there... some say touching..

High School Musical 2... very the musical.. not available in cinema.. not worth watching on tv...

MOVIE REVIEWS. Reviewed by Ah Wee on 1:25 AM Rating: 5

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