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Italian Job!

this is a chain of up scale restaurant called Da Paolo. Gastronomia.

their restaurant have expanded in to grocery take away shop!
I Love it!!!
the Lasagne & Canelloni all cooked and packed ready to take away!!!

Lasagne & Canelloni
• Spinach • Vegetarian • Beef • Canelloni with chicken• Canelloni with spinach

Fresh Baked!!

all types of soup u think of....

Antipasti aka starters

• Marinated squid • Grilled chicken breast with capsicum • Potato salad • Seafood salad • Grilled eggplants • Grilled zucchini • Grilled asparagus • Spicy olives • Marinated artichoke • Caprese (tomato-mozzarella) • Ovolini salad • Mushroom flan • Roasted capsicums • Baked mushrooms with herbs • Sun dried tomatoes• Baby asparagus wrapped with parma ham• Anchovy fillets• Stuffed calamari• Salmon rolls with Russian salad• Marinated goat cheese• Feta salad• Sauteed mushroom• Mozzarella salad• Baby onions in balsamic sauce

• Pasta salad • Cous cous • Meat balls • Stuffed eggplants • Stuffed capsicums • Stuffed portobellos • Spinach Gratin

Ready made pasta sauce!! and colorful sphags to choose!!!

So whip up a healthy pasta dish of your own choice!!!
isnt it cool!! i think tapau then cook at home...
Some Outlet go pizza!!

The main course

• Baked salmon with spinach • Roast beef • Cottage pie • Oven baked spring chicken with saffron risotto • Roast stuffed chicken with rosemary and olives • Stew beef or lamb • Roast stuffed pork loin • Beef goulash

My Favourite PART
DESSERTs..... all packed ready to take away!!!

• Tiramisu • Apple strudel • Pannacotta • Cream caramel • Cream brulè • Flourless cake • Chocolate èclairs• Assorted profiteroles • Poached pears • Valhorna chocolate cake • Apple Crostata • Banana bread • Chocolate strawberry meringue gateau• Hazelnut Giaduja mousse cake


Meringue Pies and Cakes yum yum!!

i love about this restaurant/shop/bakery/i don know.. its just revolutionalise the dining experience...
i can simply tapau from here and mircrowave at home.. and lied about that i cooked everything... when i invite my guest over....
I will include this in ur FENG SHUI island tour....
we dine at home la...
whahahahaha all packed items ranges from 7 to 9 bucks!! hehe
not cheap~~
courtesy of dad...
i had spinach lasagne and chick canteolie...
and cheese cake i don know the exact name... and a capucino mousse!!
i am supposed to be on DIET...
MADE MY DAY~ anyway there are plenty of different cakes in the shop..
the website never list out the whole menu~~ wahhahaha
Italian Job! Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 2:28 AM Rating: 5 this is a chain of up scale restaurant called Da Paolo. Gastronomia. their restaurant have expanded in to grocery take away shop! I Love it!...

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