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Good News and Bad News

Good News and Bad News copyrights of CHYI's entry.

the good news is that today i HIAO..... went to open an account with
CITIBANK.. wahahaha... guess their recent mega-blooming of branches and ATM expanded across this tiny island WORKS... HAHA
best of all everybody can apply for a "CLEAR CARD"... w/o income oh!!
WITHOUT INCOME NEH... credit limit 500 only! wahahaha... age starting from 15 can have credit card liao~~~ wahahahahahah
so cool right... altho is less fun than the VISA WAVE...

2nd good news is... we are heading to Taiwan to shoot our reality TV.... keke host by MSW, CHYI and KSP. and a mini-movie production of the BROWNIE EARTHQUAKE the Sequel... the location is still kept secret for the excitement of the movie... YET TO BE CONFIRMed. weirdly my mom also allowed out of the blue...
may be the SCM's name very powerful. give ppl assurance when she is around???
R u sure she is really that responsible...

3rd good news is...HER ROYAL HIGHNESS is coming to visit me for a whole month... HURRAY... whahahahaha!! NOVEMBER. more cleaning to do...

4th good news is my FALL Semester starts next week ler... so kek tao that time flew so fast...

the bad news... i got home today and a tiny sharp glass pricked into my foot... kek tao! now i am bleeding... super kektio... blardy carpet...

2nd bad news.. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS is coming.. EQUALS to INFINITE FATS GROWING....dine out till i BLOOP.....

3rd bad news.... my winter semester starts on JAN 14.. so wont be back to bn.. until near CNY.... or may be not goin back at all!!.. ekonomi semakin merosot... go back also ang pao cannot reimburse my airtickets.... mind as well masak sendiri with the air tickets bill....
wahahhaahhahahaa can eat abalone and shark fin also mah!!
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