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In this 21st century! its getting optimistic for those who dreamt about fairy tale prince and princess. THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WALT DISNEY!!!! There are only 25 existing Wealthy Monarchies in the world. More and more future Kings and Queens are coming out to search for their soulmates. In recent trend, they are allowing commoners to be married with the royal blood!

That makes our chance of being a King and Queen DREAM possible. Great isnt it?
still out of 6billions ppl minus China, India and USA! everyone in the world have at least 0.5% chance of being royalty!!
see the crown prince of Spain married a journalist, even Brunei sultan married a journalist. Shud we count the crown prince married a commoner? Sarah? and then you can see that many countries Royalties are marrying outsider... even the crown princess of Denmark married a commoner.. and the GUY undergo training just to behave like a prince ler(I WANT I WANT)!!! Sweden's prince also married a commoner...
Now we can make there LOVE really sparks.. especially when you know what YOU WANT
each country is famous for somethin" so make sure u choose wisely
Thailand for those who crave tomyam,
Japan for those who crave sashimi,
Monaco for those who crave beach and casino,
Belgium for those who crave belgian chocolate,
Sweden for those who crave IKEA meat balls,
Denmark famous for what ar????
Brunei, United Arab Emirates for those who crave Crude oil and HALAL,
Malaysia so many royalties!!!! for satay lovers
and lastly England prince william and harry for ANG MOH only! wahahhahaa
BURBERRY FOR ENGLAND??? may be beckingham palace!
DID I MISS OUT ANY COUNTRY! others not important lar
Those who pass the age liao.. nevermind.. your children will have chance too! remember to send your children far far away to pursue studies....
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