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Results from the poll!!!!

i am rather disappointed tat i managed to only get 7 voters! i had put up the polls for over a week now!! SINCE my Blog is not entirely public to many!!!!
I know who gave the other reponses!! and altho i m flattered by the comments i am pretty sure they are BLIND-ed by my DON KNOW WHICH AUORA!!!!
Frankly the 4 voters who make me opt for LIPO is myself!!!! DESPERADO ler
WHAHAHAHHA !!!! seriously i m know my LOOK's limit...
i m neither worst nor best!!! i am still between bad and worst!!!
wahhaahhaah i really need the lipo and chin implant!!!!
my mom promised i could get those DONE.... until i get my degree!!!
now finding some interested in surgery kaki!!!
whahahahaha!!! as i cant even act cute liao!! coz not enuff fats...

i am goin crazy!! i just want to be photogenic!!! or lookable on camera!!!who knows i might just be your local newscaster!!! DEFINITELY not RTB!

even the 200 pounds beauty went for plastic surgery so fun!!!
i don mind being thin originally and wear fat suits to go out!!!
i praised the ppl with High Self ESTEEM who LOVE themselves so muchz!!
anyway LOOKing GOOD gives you MORE advantages!!!

p.s.don worry i wont commit suicide juz becoz i am heavier...
my vision is one day i can be a "white horse prince charming"
$$, Look, more $$ and may be own a white horse...
now 20% achieved liao!!!!

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