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Potential Monthly Income!!!
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The AGLOCO Viewbar is real and it does exist. I know because I’m using it right now.

Making extra income while you surf the internet!!

it will monitor numbers of hrs u surf on the net, and how many ppl u refer to.

its as easy as A, B, C. even the internet marketing guru are using it.

The Viewbar software is a 1.8 MB download. When installed, it takes up 5 MB of space. The Viewbar is not any bigger than the Windows task bar. The version I am running shows ads by Google and Google is the default search engine. The ads are not targeted at the moment because it hits only one ad server. The rest of the ad servers have not been connected.

Besides allowing us to make money while surfing the Internet, the Viewbar does offer some useful tools. It has a nice Google search box and keeps tracks of all your favorites from Internet Explore and FireFox. There is also a quick link to the Windows calculator and calendar. I’m sure more features will be added in later versions.

From what I can tell from playing around with it, the Viewbar looks ready to go. The main sticking point is the integration with the ad servers. Once that problem is solved, everyone will be able to download it.

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