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Les Calanque Tour - Cassis, France

 I took the 5 Calanque boat tour which was an hour and 30 mins. Les Calanques are very impressive eventhough the tour was entirely in French. From April through October: tour of the Calanques from Marseille to Cassis. You can't just get on the kayak and tour the calanques (narrow, steep, sheltered inlets), its best to take boat tour Cassis, you must feel the sun on your face, bring sunglasses, the picture perfect fishing port with pastel houses.  Purchase your ticket for the boat to cruise the French version of fjords, surrounded by dramatic cliffs. The tour includes areas where people are nude at beach. Climbers are everywhere up top, midway of the calanque. You'll wonder how on earth did they get to these inaccessible jagged cliff clearings.

The boat will take whisk you away. The wind is breezy, bring a light jacket. Cassis is a beautiful charmer. You will want to return so badly.

Pictures by MSW
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