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Kozantei Ubuya Dinner - Kawaguchiko Lake

Jellied Monkfish with Ponzu Sauce, Grilled Egg with Yam Potato and Cheese, Garland Chrysanthemum with Sesame Sauce, Risotto with Smoked Salmon, Deep fried smelt with sesame and seaweed.
Bubbling away
Sea bream soup, shimeji mushroom, mitsuba, rice cake ball, citrus
Soup with squeeze of lime
Sashimi in ice ball
Assorted Fresh Fish
Meat Course
Beef Sushi
A5 Marble Wagyu
A5 Wagyu
Hibachi A5 Wagyu Beef and Mount Fuji jicama
Local White Wine
Vinegared Dish and Simmered Dish
Jellied Octopus and scallop with plum sauce
Minced Sardine Ball, Turnip, Carrot, Taro, Yuba and Deep fried burdock
Red miso soup with rice
Soy-cured shellfish sushi
Day 1 Dinner was great, each course is a work of art,  menu was created by Chef Kinya Okubo.

Here are the pictures of Day 2 dinner


Spinach with Japanese Sauce, Japanese Parsley with soybean paste, jellied beef with vinegar sauce

sea eel sushi, dried mullet roe, sesame tofu

Thin Sliced Sashimi


Pot Rice, Red Miso Soup and Picked Vegetables

Vinegared Fish is King Crab

Simmered Herring, Taro, Shitake Mushroom with minced, carrot

Sparkling Wine by Chateau Jun

Chocolate Cake and Fresh fruits
Pictures by MSW
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