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Pierre Hermé Boutique (Pasteur Metro) - Paris, France

185 rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris (Pasteur metro station)

Sweet Treats

Croissant Ispahan

Clockwise: Brioche Infiniment Chocolat, Cannele, Croissant Ispahan

Brioche Infiniment Chocolat - brioche pastry, chocolate crumble, chocolate mousseline cream, dark chocolate crisp.
This brioche may look demure, but it's ready for temptation. Plump, golden and soft, the brioche pastry is topped with a crispy chocolate crumble. Inside, the richness and power of a chocolate cream teams up with the crunchiness of bits of cocoa bean.  This unexpected clash will titillate many a taste bud.

Cannele is the vanilla and rum-flavoured crêpe star cake in golden brown.

Croissant Ispahan is puff pastry, rose almond paste, raspberry and litchi compote.
Upon the first bite, one finds it difficult to resist its rose and almond paste delicious flavour highlighted with raspberry and litchi compote. It's all topped off with rosewater glaze and a sprinkling of small raspberry pieces. This croissant will have lovers of Ispahan melting with pleasure.

Time to taste

Ombre & Lumiere

Tender chocolate cake and bits of almond, Pure Origin Madagascan dark chocolate mousse, Millot Plantation.
This creation entertains the eye as much as it enchants the senses. Courtesy of its decorations, trees or human figures, and courtesy of the biscuit made with chocolate or chunks of mousse, the swirl of cream or the rocher chocolates, dark versus light. Courtesy of its architecture of all-chocolate tastes set off by variations in texture, from the density of the brownie containing crunchy roasted almonds and the lightness contributed by the tender chocolate biscuit and rich chocolate mousse. The decoration is dressy; it adds taste and texture to the cake. 

Tarte Infiniment Vanille
Pâte sablée, white chocolate ganache with vanilla, tender biscuit moistened with vanilla, vanilla-flavoured mascarpone cream.
The Tarte Infiniment Vanille consists of a shortbread crust with a very rich, dense filling of white chocolate ganache flavoured with vanilla and mascarpone cream, also flavoured with vanilla. The contrast in textures yields an impression of great lightness.
In this recipe, Pierre Hermé has combined vanilla from several different provenances (Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar) to develop a "house vanilla", Pierre Hermé's concept of the ideal vanilla.
Brittany-style sablé pastry, lemon cream, strawberry and banana compote, tender lemon biscuit, whole strawberries, decoration using strawberries, wild strawberries or raspberries depending on the season.

Désiré is a composition in which lemon and strawberries express a note of acidulated freshness. A study in contrasts : crumbly sablé and tender lemon biscuit are offset by the light freshness of the cream and strawberry banana compote. 

Rose macaron biscuit, rose petal cream, whole raspberries, litchis.
More than a cake, this creation is sheer happiness. Bliss from the first bite. Beneath the tender, crisp shell of a blushing macaron, the flavours merge to form an irresistible combination. The subtle alliance of sweet rose cream and the floral note of the litchi, heightened by the assertive brio of fresh raspberry. Full-bodied and acidulated tastes mingle, awakening myriad sensations on the palate. The Ispahan flavours merge in perfect harmony.

Chou Ispahan

Choux pastry, raspberry crumble, rose mascarpone cream, fresh raspberries and litchis. 
This luscious sphere, crisp outside and tender inside, is the choux version of the favourite house flavour combination. Covered with a thin layer of pâte sablée, the choux pastry provides a satisfying crunch when one bites into it. Then comes an explosion of tastes: delicious rose cream with bits of raspberry and litchi, with pieces of pâte sablée for textural contrast. 

Upclose on the inside


Features new flavor time and time

Boutique Pick-Up Service is recommended if you are in Paris to try all of Pierre Hermé creation. Proceed to order online on Pierre Hermé website and pick them up at their boutique, timing of your choice. The address is 185 rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris (Pasteur metro station) This is the only boutique for pick up. You can avoid waiting in line and are assured of the availability of the pastries and confectionery you want. You may place an order online up until 6:00 p.m. the day prior to desired pick-up date.

I ordered and paid online when I was in Singapore. When I arrived in Paris, I took the metro to the only designated Pierre Hermé boutique for my sweet treat. It was fast and fuss-free.

Highlight would be the Ispahan macaron, the lychee, rose and cream works together. Desire has great flavor combination and Tarte infiniment vanille is filled with kicks of vanilla overdose.

The boring are the Brioche Infiniment Chocolat, Ombre and Lumiere and the cannele, they were nothing outstanding

Can't wait to be back and try other creation of his.

Pictures by MSW
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