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Fécamp, France

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Fécamp was also one of the earliest coastal bases for the dukes of Normandy, becoming a favoured residence, with grand castle. Here in Fécamp in 1035, Duke Robert I declared, to the surprise of his noble followers, that he was heading off on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He got his lords to swear that his seven-year-old illegitimate son, William, would succeed him should he die. He did die on his travels, so the boy found himself thrust into power. After surviving and winning terrible power struggles, William would return to Fécamp at Easter 1067 for a grand Norman celebration of his elevation to the throne of England, which he believed had occurred by divine providence.
Getting back down to earth, or rather, to the sea, fishing was the mainstay of the Fécamp community down the centuries. This was one of France’s main cod-fishing ports, expeditions heading off as far as Newfoundland. The port today caters as much to yachts as to fishing boats. However, Fécamp remains proud of its fishing tradition.

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