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Restaurant Saudade - Versailles, France

Restaurant Saudade
Love the furnishings
Walk-In Wine Cellar
The back of the restaurant
Amuse Bouche
Cataplana de palourdes, recette a "Bulhao Pato" - infusion d'ail et coriandre fraiche a l'huile d'olive
Clam freshly steam with white wine and butter inside a copperpot
Filets de sardines confites -consewerie pinhais- tuiles de pain de mais et poivrons grilles
Grilled sardines on toast
Floral olive oil
Porca de Murca - Douro River, Portugal
Hommard entier, grille a la braise, beurre aille au chorizo
Grilled Lobster
Entrecote de boeuf "Rubia Gallega" incomparable em saveur poelee a l'hile d'olive extra vierge
Amazing Duoro white wine
Espuma de "leite creme" - comme une creme brulee, framboises fraiches
Tart de Azeitao - Tarte roulee a la creme d'oeufs et parfums de cannelle, poires "Rocha" caramelisees, caramel beurre sale

This humble restaurant is one of the hidden of gem, who would knew a Portuguese restaurant would exist in Versailles. Having been to Porto myself, I am somewhat familiar with Portuguese cuisine.  Forever obsess with the word, Cataplana aka Copperpot. The minute I see Cataplana on the menu at the front entrance, I knew I had to eat at this restaurant. We went in the restaurant on the dot at 7pm, soon, people start flowing in to the restaurants and several walk-in were rejected as all table were booked.

The saucisson, soft cheese before meal were incredibly fresh.

The copperpot of clams were refreshing and punch of flavors.

The lobster was great dish.
They were generous with the entrecote portion. It was really good with the Portuguese extra virgin olive oil.

The Caramel tart was a great desserts.

Highly recommended that you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Pictures by MSW
Restaurant Saudade - Versailles, France Reviewed by Ah Wee on 7:26 AM Rating: 5

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