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Premium Lounge Bai Yun International Airport - Guang Zhou

Premium Lounge Entrance

Lounge Invitation
Lounge Area
Private Day Beds with charging docks
Self service wine and juices

Self Service warm food selection
Fried Snacks corner
My favorite Vitasoy
Fish ball vermicelli
Kirin Beer and Chocolate Vitasoy available
Coffee and Tea section
Get some rest!

The premium lounge at Bai Yun International Airport is really dark and mysterious! I guess its for travelers to cope with their biological clock.  The lounge has ordinary food but what got me really excited was that they have Vitasoy. My all time favorite soya milk! 

The vermicelli soup station was a nice touch! The entire lounge is quite long in length, giving you the feeling of being in a train, where you stroll pass each compartment where you can sit and read, to restaurant where you can wine and dine.

It is one of the dreadful experience at Bai Yun International Airport, overly crowded with Chinese passengers going through the customs, security checks and immigrations! You end up queuing most of your time in the airport instead of lounging

Pictures by MSW
Premium Lounge Bai Yun International Airport - Guang Zhou Reviewed by Ah Wee on 12:45 PM Rating: 5

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