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Motel Mexicola - Seminyak Bali

Fish Taco

Nestled amongst the coco palms and glassy swells of Seminyak, Bali, lives the tropical oasis known as MOTEL MEXICOLA. Put your thinking shoes on and envision the lovechild of 1960s Acapulco and Ricky Ricardo (from "I Love Lucy") on a belly full of Huichole endorsed Peyote and seven lashings of Mezcal. Hopefully you are not thinking of a motel in Miami with an all you can eat buffet?! Rest assured we are not your average Motel and if you want to sleep over, then try your luck. At least until there is some sort of reform on marriage, we propose the sacred union between you "the customer" and us, "the-f$%&-yeah-amazing-antojeria-and-tequileria".

Renowned Veracruzano "Jarocho" chef, Ivan Chavarria brings his "espirítu salvaje" to the plate and straight into your cake hole. With modern takes on "Comida Mexicana" traditional plates, to modern attacks on humble tasty-as-$%* street food and morsels. This is not to forget the booze and liquor - Nicolaza Que Pasa knows where to add the salt, where to put the tajín and exactly how much limon cabrone. So........ So the menu will be staring proper tacos, proper tostadas, aguachile, quesadillas and other legit antojitos (that's tapas). And it will make all the nachos and grey burritos you’ve ever ate look like the decaying corpse of Hernán Cortés.

Love the Motel Mexicola bright neon vibe!
The Mexican food were fresh and drinks were strong.
Had a great time people watching... mostly drunks! LOL

They even pour tequila shots complimentary!

Pictures by MSW

Motel Mexicola - Seminyak Bali Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 9:12 AM Rating: 5 Fish Taco ...

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