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Rock Bar Ayana Resort - Bali

Rock Bar Bali

Escalator from the cliff top

"Rock" Bar

Rock Bar Menu

Ongoing renovation of the extention of the  Rock Bar

Whisky Sour and Mojito

DJ booth

Everyone waiting for the sunsets
Everywhere were soaking sea water
Panoramic View of the Rock Bar

Mini tidal wave

Bloody Mary and Burnt Orange Chocopolitan
More seatings

Burnt Orange Chocopolitan

Calamari Fritti and Beef Chorizo Corn Dogs
Rock Bar at Dark

Rock Bar Bali at night. (Complete Darkness)
 The Rock Bar is not that spectacular if you have been to Santorini, Greece.
Every restaurant, bar, bakery and cafe there have grand view of the sunset and caldera.

Rock Bar is over hyped, overcrowded, the hotel is basically milking every patron they could by squeezing as many customers as possible. From the looks of it, they are renovating and extending more floor space to accommodate more customers! I find the drinks there too sweet for my liking. The finger snacks are alright. Please do not order the Beef Chorizo Corn Dog. The service were ordinary. On another note, the bar area had been soaked wet from noon tidal wave bashing in, the seats and table are soaking wet but the management did their best to keep everything as dry as possible. Be prepared to be wet. Another disappointment was that, the establishment stated no slippers or shorts, yet all the foreigners were dressed down for the bar. I should have just worn my swimwear given that its seawater friendly. My jean absorb the seawater stench by the time I left..

If you still insist on going to this bar, make sure to book table and arrive before 4pm to guarantee to have seats. Unless you are hotel guest, then they will hold the seat for you til 5:30pm.
Once the sun sets, everyone starts to leave and total darkness from the Indian Ocean will be boring.

Pictures by MSW
Rock Bar Ayana Resort - Bali Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 7:42 AM Rating: 5 Rock Bar Bali Escalator from the cliff top "Rock" Bar Rock Bar Menu Ongoing renovation of the extention o...

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