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Best Route to Koh Lipe

Book any flight from Singapore to Langkawi, 
I embarked my journey from Subang Airport (KL) to Langkawi


Langkawi Airport
From Langkawi Airport, buy a metered taxi voucher MYR26.00 to Telaga Harbour Port.

Remember to book / prepaid your ferry tickets online here.
Arrive early to have ample time to process the check in at the Telaga Harbour Port and stamping your passport at the Telaga Immigration

Arrive at Telaga Port

Immigration building, to stamp your passport out of Malaysia

Queue to get on board

Passport will be hand over to the Captain

inside the Ferry to Koh Lipe

Arrive at temporary platform at Koh Lipe

There is no pier at Koh Lipe and you may be transfered by local longtail boats to the beach/ferry

Passengers arriving on big ferry boats gets off at this floating platform

From the floating platform transferred to Long Tail Boat to get to shore as there is no jetty at Koh Lipe

Its inclusive by the Ferry Boat service

take long tail boat ride to Koh Lipe shore

Arrived at the Koh Lipe Shore

The Thailand Passport Control where your passport is returned to you when they called out your name one by one

If you arrive from Satun Thailand, you don't need to stamp passport.
Return to the ferry boat the same way

Ferry Boat docks far away at the floating platform

Upon arrival

If you arrive from Satun Pakbara Port is via this type of speedboat
The hotel will send their staff to fetch you to the respective hotel

The porter will bring your luggage to your room
The journey to Koh Lipe is not that suitable/convenient for family with young children. There is a lot of waiting time. The shortest route is via Langkawi.
 I took 5 mode of transport in one day to get to Koh Lipe.
By Car, Plane, Ferry, Long Tail Boat and Motorcycle

Grand Hyatt to Subang Airport by Taxi, aircraft took off at 10am
Subang Airport to Langkawi Airport by Fireflyz arrive at 11am
Langkawi Airport to Telaga Harbour about 15 mins drive by Taxi (MYR 26)
Important note: you will need to arrive 2 hours before Ferry depature time for ample time to process immigration like stamping out of Langkawi/Malaysia.
Prior to boarding the Ferry, you will have to surrender your passport to the boat Captain (See the picture above)

Telaga Harbour to Koh Lipe by Ferry 1 hour 40 mins journey (Ferry leaves at 2:30pm)
Koh Lipe Floating Platform transfer to Koh Lipe shore by Long Tail Boat (inclusive by the Ferry)
The Koh Lipe Passport Control to Hotel by Tuk Tuk Motorcycle (provided by your respective  hotel)

This is how you can get to Koh Lipe in the shortest route.

Pictures by MSW
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