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12 Reasons to visit Koh Lipe

 1. Koh Lipe resembles 'Maldives'
Some says its the  "Maldives" of Thailand - Koh Lipe
Extremely clear beach

Koh Lipe's Turquoise Water

2. Koh Lipe has a natural sandbank
Located just in front of Mountain Resort Koh Lipe.

3. Hire a long tail boat to pristine snorkeling sites
Hiring a private long tail boat is only $2500Baht = SGD$100 (as many people as the boat can fit)
Snorkeling with the fishes
Bring you to untouched beaches around the neighboring Islands

4. Koh Lipe's has multiple beaches that you can relax
Sunrise Beach
Hangout on the hammocks
Sunset beach

Sunrise Beach

Beach with Swing
Clear Beaches

 5. Visit pebbles stones island - Koh Hin Ngam 
Pebbles Stone Beach (Koh Hin Ngam)

Stacking pebbles stones
 6. Cheap eats on island of Koh Lipe
7 sticks of satays at $100 Baht (SGD$4)
Fresh Seafood at affordable prices
Great Thai dishes
 7. You can hang out with wild Hermit Crabs
Young and old Hermit Crabs
A Hermit Crabs family portrait

 8. Koh Lipe hotels are affordable

Infinity pool with a view at Serendipity Beach Resort

Idyllic Concept Beach Front Resort
Akira Koh Lipe

 9. Koh Lipe has a Rock Bar too just like in Bali
Serendipity Rock Bar

 10. Snorkel in one of the most colorful corals site
Amazing Corals at Jabang (See more)

Snorkeling at Jabang, in the middle of the Andaman Sea
Found Nemo!!! Clown Fish

Red Saddleback Anemone Fish

11. Trekking at Sanom Beach - Koh Lipe

Wooden Path at Sanom beach

A school of little fishes

 12. Kayaking at  Koh Lipe
Some hotels provide free kayaks, others may charge

 13. Thai Massages only $300 Baht per hour
Foot massage

Visit 'Maldives' without breaking the bank! Koh Lipe is definitely a more affordable alternative and much more livelier marine life in the untouched conserved national park islands near by.
Here is how you can get to Koh Lipe from Singapore/Kuala Lumpur.

Pictures by MSW
12 Reasons to visit Koh Lipe Reviewed by Mak Sin Wee on 12:34 AM Rating: 5   1. Koh Lipe resembles 'Maldives' Some says its the  "Maldives" of Thailand - Koh Lipe Extremely clear beach ...

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