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Koh Hin Ngam - Thailand

Koh Hin Ngam

Flat pebbles stacked high

Curse of the God of Tarutao

Pebbles stone shore

Clear ocean water

Stone stacking

Oakley Eyewear
Attempt to stack hot stones 

 Ko Hin Ngam (Pebble Stone Island ) part of Adang archipelago, has attracted and inspired visitors from faraway lands to witness the unspoiled beauty of the island. Ko Hin Ngam is made up of stones polished and shaped by the everlasting waves hitting the shores year after year.
The smooth and shiny surfaced stones of various sizes ,shapes , and colors are an
amazement to the sight of the beholders. 

There is no sands here and this island is inhabitable due to the conservation of the island.

The shiny glittering surfaces of the stones reflect the glaring sunshine while the blue waves
splash the beaches joy is the sunsetproviding ecstasies for those who witness the event.
Of particular when the last orange rays of the sun touch the pure white foams of the waves
giggling on the stones. This memorable scene defies description. To reach,Koh Hin Ngam,
visitors make a stop at Lipe islands first.

Pictures by MSW

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