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Dreams Dictionary

Here are some of the auspicious intepretation of dreams.

This is based on on the writings of Chou Kung, the Duke of Chou, who is supposed to have lived c. 1020 BC, and he was reputed to have assisted in the compilation of the I Ching, one of the most ancient and mysterious of the divination books of China. The dream interpretations associated with him are well known and his name and its link has passed into the language in a number of ways. For example, a person who has been asleep will say that “he has gone to find Chou Kung,” a phrase that we commonly use to refer that we have been asleep and been dreaming!

Have fun with some of the dream interpretations below :-

* If you dream of the sun or moon rising, then your family will be fine, prosperous, well educated and have important jobs.

* If you dream of thunder, the the Thunder God, Lei Kung, is calling you and this means good fortune.

* If you dream of a rainbow, then good fortune will come to your family.

* If you dream of stars without any stars, then yet again, it means good fortune for you.

*Dreams of a star going slowly into a cloud means you will have a child.

* If you dream of the front of your house with bamboo trees growing healthily, then there will be continuous good news.

* Dreams of an orchard full of fruits means that your sons and grandsons are well and safe.

* Dreams of you standing under a tree means a nobleman will come to help you soon.

* If you dream of a new tomb and a coffin, it means that any worries that you will now will be over soon.

* If you see someone putting a body into a coffin in your dream, it means a windfall will come to you.

* Dreams of visiting a temple (I guess churches and mosques would apply these days, too!) will mean extraordinary good fortune.

* To dream of statues of Gods on an altar would mean very good fortune.

* To see a dead person rise out of the coffin in your dreams is good, for this means you will earn much money.

* To dream of a naked person means very good fortune.

* To dream of a sick person crying or laughing means their sickness is about to go.

* To dream of someone killing a pig is very good fortune.

* To dream that you or anyone kills a chicken, goose or duck means very good fortune.

* To dream of a snake biting you means lots of money.

* To dream of your belt falling off means all will be well.

* If any vehicle moves off, then all is well.

* To dream of picking up any money means good fortune.

* To dream of a boat going under a bridge means good fortune, as does seeing a lamp or candle

* To see a needle or thread in a dream means everything is successful.

* To see a clear mirror means good fortune

* To dream of a hillfire means you will have a promotion.

* If you see the trees and grass growing well in your dream, then the family is happy.

* To dream of honouring your parents means great good fortune and prosperity.

* If you see clouds coming from all 4 directions in your dream, it means that your business will do very well.

there so many types even i lose counts....hahaaha
Happy nightmare!
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