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Question of the year.

How much allowance does Mac Sin Oui gets yearly?

Its been rumoured that I had been showered with ridiculous amount and others were convinced that moonie i had were laundered....


kidding me?

1stly, Mac Sin Oui also like anyone work part time.
However, part time job to Mac Sin Oui is rather different, as his work only carried out when there is demand.....

2ndly, the crap you are reading on this webpage is making Mac Sin Oui moonies too ya know!

3rdly, Mac Sin Oui also a non-full time food blogger.

I mainly sell you know what... not backside lah~

how hardworking are you? and how strong is your determination?

There is this girl who started working when she was 16 at Mcdonald.or perhaps younger
hmm many of you would have said.. walao no future la...
well, you don know the long term wise of her career plan...
so never judge ppl on their career path...
she really inspires me...

She work as a counter taking orders for almost 2 years and got promoted to inside kitchen management and upper management in 5 years during her skool days.
then she went and finish her degree. and she went back to Mcdonalds,
right away she was given a managerial/officer job within Mcdonald Corp.

the moral of the story, she invest in something that she knows will last and she knew that she could rely on in the future.

so peeps, don keep switching job too much ey....

what is this entry about?
i m clueless too..
what the heck anyway...
no ones read it....
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