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heeps... i am movie marathonin..
its been quite a ride....

The Love Guru
I personally love the movie's climax
Mike Meyers is alwez brilliant...
bloody funny and with all the trademark.

Mamma Mia
oh my god, some ppl just can't sing la...
u guys sud watch this movie if ya lke ABBA musics.
btw the actor tat really should just stick to acting is
our ex-james bond. Pierce Brosnan!
wlao, awfull... his singing.. LOL but worth laughing abt it..
its like double-o-7 singing.. WHAHAHAHAHA

if ya wanna watch Morgan Freeman say FUCK!
its the ultimate movie to watch

My Sassy Girl (American Version)
so so saja! just the feel of a SASSY ang moh GF!

Meet Dave
er.... its not worth watching in the cinema...
just plain rubbish movie...
reminds me of Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie!
that sorta movie

Death Race
i would say WOW for the castings of Hot CHICKS!
overall its still a good movie i would say!
i love the movie plots too!! its great ending....

an animation that doesn't talk much!
but if u can bear all the gesture nonsense! watch it...

Step Brothers
hmmm will ferrell done it again!
very original plots ...
love his creativity always bring the twist...
kudos to him and mike meyers!!!

hmmm its a movie that who could have thot of?
drunken superhero? gone to rehab? imprisonment?
overall new to watch!!

the promotion
acted by seann william scott...
nice to see him in a serious roles... LOL
and the gal from the office us version
jenna fisher if not wrong....
overall funny

movie in the progress of watching
babylon ad
bangkok dangerous
disaster movie
MOVIERATHON REVIEW Reviewed by Ah Wee on 8:30 AM Rating: 5

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