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How to get my own reality show?

Did you see WuZun in your nearest cinema...?
yesh, wuzun had finally made it to the big screens.
Kudos, for his achievement.

While me, another brunei breed still pondering on one day surfacing the television screen!
and I had the best idea in mind to get me on the screen!

I have decided to audition for Amazing Race Asia Season 5!
I know its hilarious but its realistically most possible way to be on TV!
Just hope i don get eliminated in the first round!
It would be the same as never even got on to the show like tat..

Its the most awesomeness idea i ever think of...
i am now auditioning for the cast member aka my sidekick.

send your resume to me!
i need you to prepare a list of catch phrase that is purely brunei-invented,
and also other language you are familiar with.

My aim is to be on the show for as long as we can to sustain entire season coverage!
so most likely, we have to win top 3 loh~



can see i banyak masa lapang la.....
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