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Pack up HARD~!!

jesus.... i am partially packed! n ready to go back bn.

On Standy By MoDe.
Like SPY, I also have a TO-DO-LIST when I am go back home....

1st request my maid to wash all the items that need to be wash
2nd eat LEE LOI FATT rojak & all the cucur!!!!!!!! WALAO I miss that so badly!
3rd cuci gigi
4th go buy prepaid fitness zone
5th become my mom personal trainer during the holiday
6th ask my mom to make kong ba PAO for me
7th go to RBC buffet w.o chyi~~ wahhahaha
8th set up a network media system at home!
9th get driving license
10th update fengshui
11th TAPAU pandan pao from phong mun lo
12th may be will try nasi katok for once
13th heard got pakistani restaurant liao!
15th SELL SOME DVD for cash allowance - trying to compete with UNITEK :P
16th go BAO TING empire cinema! mwaahahahhaa
17th play with my choco fondue kua
18th go pasarmalam!! STUFF SOTONG and SATAY MANIA and ROTI JOHN and KEBABS
19th may be go drink easy way for the sake of it
20th i wonder chai ken xiang bankrupt liao mah i want to eat Zhao Chai Pan
22th walao! most of my activity is EAT....
23th shud eat less than expected
24th eat dim sum on sunday is one of my fav activity too!
25th worst case fly to KL lah~~ to eat BA KUT TEH~ and go SS2 pasarmalam go kepong pasarmalam and go visit original fake stores..... eat some more --___--""""

i don know liao~ no more! mwahahahahhaa
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