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tuala collector!

I'm surprised that I am now belong to the Tuala Collector Group just a year ago!
I am now a frequent tuala collector then hor....
as I ppl watching who always collect tuala...
They are definitely suffering from body-dysmorphia. well does that count me in too?
there are these kind of ppl that are obssessed with their body outlook!!!
its very scary how religious they are to collect tuala than paying a visit to the church.
does beauty really matter? does perfect looking really matter?
Hell YEAH!
if you expect your better half to be a smoking hot one!
well, you better be god damn hot to match it up!
am i right?
I eat, I collect tuala... HAHA
Peek Ka Boo
i hate my feasting.... I need to vomit...
warm dim sum...
Beancurd with crab and roe
sharkfin soup with crab claw di hot stone
Deep Fried Lobster with oats and kari leaves

Fried Durian Ice Cream~ I was swept off my feet, how i can diet when i keep attracting good FOOD!
i want my surfer bods... REAL SOON!
if only body beauty can be ordered off catalogue!
Life would have been MUCH MUCH MUCH lavish and extreme luxurious!
till then smell the good chinese dishes!
tuala collector! Reviewed by Ah Wee on 10:44 AM Rating: 5

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