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my new toys!!! walao~!!

okay okay!! i guessed most of you oredy BEH TAHAN me liao~
How can i cure this shopaholic urge????
its fcuking good bargain leh~~
how can one let it pass by w.o. doing anything about it!
I got this yellow! MY passport! portable harddisk for only $130! woohooo
by Western Digital, 250 gb
this slider samsung hp! to remedy my bulky N93i
let it slide.... for $200
my TOY of the week!!!
Nv24HD - High Definition! mwaahahahhaa
all the pics u see above and below is taken by her..
isnt she slim and slender...
sexy and retro for only $599

the earphones are on sale.. and my bro and i might need it!

SONY punya oh~~

only 18 belas dollar per earphone!

this one only $49 dollar... lol


only the 2nd day of pc show.. and i havent had enough of it...

i'm pretty sure i will stop by this sunday!!

to grab myself a 1 tetrabyte internal hardisk! only $289 SEAGATE...

PC show because my money worth it...

THE LCDS were immensely DISCOUNTED...

i was so TEMPTED that i almost FAINT instantly on the spot....

EVEN sony BRAVIA 32" goin for triple 9 isnt that CHEAP...

i told my mom! she also nearly FAINT....


p.s. i kena MERCs Cabs AGAIN today~~ FIAK... damn CHITTO....
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