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realistically living

my monthly expenses are extremely over the borderline...

1st thing i can do to stop the spending is to terminate my cable tv...
since my sources of television is from you know where!
as well as LOL
moreover i didnt watch my cable tele since ermm like like like january liao~

one day i may be unable to afford all these and how can i survive???
that would be a longer later time...
HAH~~i will think about it...

another subscription i shud considered to terminate too~
like my time magazine, forbes and the business times...

another great things I did for myself, i cleaned my closets to make room for new stuff...
HAHA~ i am donating some of the bags and tees away~
unless i can sell it away? i shud?

back to my tv reviews...
i am so so so excited to watch the end of the season 4
it was very very very relief with the ending and the surviving characters...
It all make sense now!
I cant wait for season 5! now i know why davidoff perfume chose Josh Holloway!
his character in LOST... is so brave and manly... he jumped out of the helicopter

he sacrifies his life to save all of them!~ so MAN leh~~

patutlah davidoff chosen him as the spokesperson!

to live up to his character... LOL

see the very last clips of him on the sea!! so s so davidoff perfume ads of him!

see! wahahhahhaa

grey's anatomy also ended its season! ermm so so so predicted...
i think their scripts/screen writes only concentrates on more and more fancy accidents or
critical surgerica operations! however ppl are more interested in what had happened and who is sleeping with who leh~

I watched the SATC the movie~!
very disappointing with the context/climax of the stories...
movie goers... its not worth money!
however existing FANS? think they just want to know what had happened to carrie and her friends...

to be honest! the movie is the designers heaven where they can feature their shoes, dresses and luxury bags to the WORLD....

not many knew manolo blahnik w/o carrie
not many knew hermes birkin w/o samantha
not many knew jimmy choo w/o charlotte

i didnt know until i catch up with the entire complete seasons.. LOL
coz I found the sources and its fast dl... very fast... check for ravy davy.
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