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crazy enough?

hmmm? what am i scared about? taking a leap would not cost me anything?
I felt like a person gasping for air with the other 6 billion ppl squeezing on this earth.
I do nothing - practically nothing that benefits me nor my immediate family member...
Summer College started and i didnt enrol for classes...
I felt useless again, all i do all is waste electricity, money and even energy...
wth am i doing? am i afraid goin out there to work?
I sorta curious how 50 Lan work? coz they are hiring? when i bot the PMTs
shud i give it a shot? HEHE

I am MAD~
Life is too short to boilpearls early in the morning...
i love my lazy morning wake up to a big big CHINESE word...
how could i not love my life? chasing after my significant other?
i see philemon had been switching Gf, I am really amazed that he can have so many companion into his life...
may be i am too much of a private person, i need to trust her with my stuff like the way she treats her walk-in-closets of shoes......

Okay~ i am crazy~
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